David Marvel hails from the east coast. His twenties were spent in Miami Beach, where he came into his own as a drag performer. After  During this period he found a reprieve in painting and its meditative escape that reconnected him to his spirit.

In David’s early work it was capturing the likeness of the subject and play of light and shadow that fired his creative expression. Now he focuses on transcending those ideas of representation found in traditional portraiture. He is driven to capture the subject’s own humanity, as well as, the Human Spirit. This creates a deep and unique connection to the viewer as the painting begins to vibrate and take on a life of its own. 

David believes that he serves three masters throughout his process - the subject, the painting, and the viewer. His process begins with a concept, which is then composed and photographed for reference. As David paints, intuition takes over and he becomes in complete service to the painting and its needs. Every aspect and detail of David’s work is considered and very intentional, there are no superfluous moments in his work.

David gives honor to his subjects with dramatic open space and striking composition, while protecting the subject and enveloping the observer. This creates an intimate relationship and setting to experience the work in a uniquely personal way.

David’s current work celebrates new and empowered representations of transgender and gender non-conforming people in his life, creating more visually inclusive representations outside of the borders of traditional social convention.

David  resides in Palm Springs, California, where he is part of the Headquarters Collective (  His current works are available at the Jorge Mendez Gallery (